Auto maintenance equipment classification

2011-05-14 11:23:11 39

Auto maintenance equipment can be generally divided into: automotive diagnostic equipment, testing and analysis equipment, maintenance cleaning equipment, sheet metal baking equipment, maintenance supplies, maintenance tools, tire equipment, mechanical equipment, etc., due to the variety and variety of auto maintenance equipment, strict classification comparison Difficulties, but above basically the mainstream classification method in the industry.

Automotive diagnostic equipment, mainly including automotive fault computer diagnostic equipment [2], car decoder, code card, data stream analysis, dedicated computers.

Detection and analysis equipment, including test bench, test line, locator, detector, leak detector, test bench, brake table, analyzer, endoscope, sensor, oscilloscope, smoke meter, [3] and other tests device.

Maintenance cleaning equipment, mainly including automatic gearbox cleaning and oil changer, power steering oil changer, butter filling machine, refrigerant recovery and filling machine, fuel injector cleaning and testing equipment, polishing machine, waxing machine, vacuum cleaner suction machine Wait.

Sheet metal baking equipment, mainly including paint booth, paint lamp, paint booth, beam correction, ground gossip, spray gun and so on.

Tire equipment mainly refers to balance machine, tire changer, nitrogen filling machine, tire repair machine and so on.

Maintenance products, mainly including refinish paint, refrigerant, brake fluid, antifreeze, lubricating oil, repair agent, glass water, sealant, putty, rust inhibitor, water tank treasure, car wax, car glaze, refrigerant, automobile and motorcycle Use cleaning agents, tire polishes, automotive adhesives, and other maintenance products. From the broad perspective of auto maintenance equipment, car care products can also be classified as auto maintenance equipment.

Maintenance tools mainly refer to various maintenance tools for manual operation, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, kits, tool carts, tool kits, work benches, etc.

Mechanical equipment, and some auto maintenance equipment are inconvenient to classify, in line with the mechanical equipment properties, especially in this category, such as lifts, jacks, cranes, cranes and so on.